SugarBun brings a vibrant collection of dishes and flavours originating from Borneo and Malaysia to the heart of Melbourne.

Our flagship store in Melbourne is splayed across 2 levels, housed in a newly retrofitted heritage shop house on Russell Street- offering a chic yet comfortable dining experience.

Choose from classic Malaysian dishes such as “Nasi Lemak” and Sarawak- style Laksa, to hearty stews which remind you of your mother’s cooking. Our Broasted Chicken is a must try- pressure fried, ensuring that the chicken is crispy yet juicy on the inside!  SugarBun has also introduced the highly indulgent Bak Kut Teh– a nourishing dish comprising of pork belly, ribs and meatballs simmered in a nutritious herbal broth- made fresh every day. Click here for our menu.

Thank you for your warm and adventurous welcome of SugarBun. We look forward to serving you at our restaurant.